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Keep bad breath at bay as you bite into one of Avarya's tasty paans. Made with complex flavours, a bite of these paans will be the perfect way to finish your meal. Available in many varieties, no meal will ever have a boring end again!

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Chocolate Paan - Special Cocolate Paan
The goodness of paan with the flavour of chocolate is an ideal combination! Our Chocolate Paan has all the  ...

Price : Rs. 180.00
Gulkand Paan - Meetha Gulkand Paan
Filled with the richness of Gulkand, this mouth-freshener will transform the taste in your mouth. The  ...

Price : Rs. 145.00
Magai Paan - Betel Leaf Paan
The sweet and mild taste of our Magai Paan is inviting and keeps your breath fresh. Magai Paan exhibits a  ...

Price : Rs. 80.00
Banarasi Paan - Banaras Paan
The most famous kind of paan of all time, the Banarasi Paan is well known for its amazing taste. Commonly  ...

Price : Rs. 110.00