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Avarya's range of exotic dry fruits are rare, finest and one of a kind. Succulent and tasty, you are promised nothing but the best and unadulterated dry fruits you could ask for.

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Prunes - Prunes
Dulcet, rich, succulent and divine, incorporate these prunes into your cakes, jams and other delectable to  ...

Price : Rs. 190.00
Chilgoza Without Shell - Pine Nuts
Pine Nuts also are known as Chilgoza, without shells are another delicacy. They grow in Kashmir and are known  ...

Price : Rs. 1375.00
Cranberry - Cranberry
Boost up the health quotient of your day with our dried Cranberries. Add these to a bowl of cereal or have  ...

Price : Rs. 190.00
Dried Kiwi - Dry Kiwi Bite
These exotic kiwis are replete with anti-oxidants; prevent recurring infections and treats sleep disorders.  ...

Price : Rs. 200.00
Kharek - Dry Dates
Get the healthy nutrients of our exotic dates with these Kharek. They are known to help your body for a  ...

Price : Rs. 70.00
Dried Orange - Dry Orange Bite
Succulent orange slices coated with sugar make for a lip-smacking snack. This exotic dry fruit is apt for any  ...

Price : Rs. 275.00
Pecan Nuts - Pecan Nuts
These crunchy and buttery pecan nuts are brimming with health and goodness. Devour on a few days, and feel  ...

Price : Rs. 700.00
Dry Fruit Milk Masala - Dryfruit Milk Masala
Make your milk and milk-based drinks a treat for the kids and adults alike by adding this Dry Fruit Milk  ...

Price : Rs. 440.00
Brazil Nuts - Trikon Fal
Brazil Nuts are very healthy and fat-rich. High in proteins a dietary fiber, they are an important exotic dry  ...

Price : Rs. 900.00
Mixed Dried Fruit 1A - Mix Dryfruit 1A
This palatable mix of a delicious assortment of nuts will give you a variety of flavor and a splurge of good  ...

Price : Rs. 225.00
Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts - Salted Macadamia Nuts
These roasted salted macadamia nuts will go great along with a drink or as a side-dish. A rich source of  ...

Price : Rs. 850.00
Dried Guava - Dry Guava Bite
Long gaps between lunch and dinner are challenging to get through without munching on a few snacks. We  ...

Price : Rs. 220.00
Mixed Dried Fruit 3A - Mix Dryfruit
Enrich your day with an assortment of nutty goodness. Abounding in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you  ...

Price : Rs. 325.00
Mixed Fruits - Mix Dryfruit
Enjoy these tasty Mixed Fruits from Avarya on-the-go. The sugar-coated mixture of berries and pulpy fruits  ...

Price : Rs. 245.00
Pine Nuts - Chilgoza
Pine Nuts in India are better known as chilgoza and grow in Kashmir. These exotic nuts give out a unique  ...

Price : Rs. 1050.00
Blueberry - Special Blueberry
Blueberries are everyone's favourite when it comes to adding them in ice-creams or cakes. They are extremely  ...

Price : Rs. 600.00
Roasted Hazelnut - Roasted Hazelnut
Hazelnuts are one of the many nuts that are rich in flavour which include sweet and buttery tones. Hazelnuts  ...

Price : Rs. 450.00
Mixed Dried Fruit 2A - Mix Dryfruits
This medium sized bowl of yummy dry fruits is an eruption of taste and good health. Let the palatable nuts,  ...

Price : Rs. 300.00
Elaichi - Special Cardamom
Elaichi is often known to be the ‘Queen of Spices’. While it is commonly used as a flavouring spice for  ...

Price : Rs. 650.00
Dried Mango - Dry Mango Bite
Our Dried Mango bite is perfect to munch on during a long weekend trip with your family or on your daily  ...

Price : Rs. 220.00
Kashmiri Lahsun - Ek Kali Lasun
Bring the exotic tastes of Kashmiri cuisine to your table with this dried Kashmiri Lahsun. This distinctive  ...

Price : Rs. 550.00
Dried Pineapple - Dehydrated Pineapple
One of the most delicious dried fruits available, our Dried Pineapple offers a subtle sweetness on your  ...

Price : Rs. 195.00
Organic Cranberry - Special Organi Cranberry
Exotic and dried cranberries still retain their properties of being the best among berries. These red  ...

Price : Rs. 350.00
Dry Fruit Bhel - Dryfruit Bhel
Avarya brings you this Dry Fruit Bhel to give you a balanced nutritional snack. With all its hand-picked  ...

Price : Rs. 400.00
Charoli - Chironji
Whip up rich, mouthwatering delicacies like halwa, shrikhand, kormas and other delights with these exotic  ...

Price : Rs. 350.00