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Pistachio or commonly known as pistas are crunchy and have a naturally saline taste. Richest source of fibre and energy, pistas are packed with innumerable health benefits.

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Roasted Salted Pista Magaj - Salted Pista Without Shell
The kind that we're used to eating, Avarya's salted and roasted pistachios are delectable and scrumptious.  ...

Price : Rs. 745.00
Salted Roasted Pista 1A - Roasted Salted Pista
Store a bowl-full of these pistas in the refrigerator and draw from the benefits it offers. Its naturally  ...

Price : Rs. 420.00
Pista Magaj - Pistachio Without Shell
Pistachio or pistas are an Iranian delight and are rich in fibers, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Briny,  ...

Price : Rs. 620.00
Irani Pista - Iranian Pistachios
Our Irani Pista packs a flavour punch like nothing else. The pistas are delicious on a warm or cold evening  ...

Price : Rs. 495.00