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Mamra badams are a type of almonds that have similar nutritional value but are smaller and flatter and usually used in deserts. Bring out the masterchef in you with the finest.

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Mamra Badam 1A - Mamro Badam 1A
Mamra badams are packed with goodness, Include these dry fruits in your diet and reap the benefits of a  ...

Price : Rs. 650.00
Mamra Badam 3A - Mamro Almond
Try out these exotic mamra badams that are filled the bare necessities to keep you healthy and strong. Keep  ...

Price : Rs. 1135.00
Mamra Badam 2A - Mamro Badam
Mamra badams are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Healthy and crunchier than the regular almonds, use  ...

Price : Rs. 835.00