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Apricots or jardaloo are sweet fruits and smooth to swallow. Its richness in beta carotene and fibre are just a few of the many benefits that apricots offer. Cheack out Avarya's assorted and finest.

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Seedless Jardaloo - Seedless Apricot
Make your snack time fun and healthy with Avarya's seedless jardaloos. High in vitamins and other nutrients,  ...

Price : Rs. 360.00
Fresh Apricot - Fresh Jardaloo
Dried sugar-coated apricots make for a sweet and healthy snack. Packed with rich vitamins and minerals,  ...

Price : Rs. 235.00
Jardaloo 2A - Special Apricot
Apricots or Jardaloo are the best fruits to improve eyesight. Rich in vitamins, minerals and are powerful  ...

Price : Rs. 385.00
Jardaloo 1A - Apricot
Rich in fibre and antioxidants, Jardaloo or apricots are good for your blood and skin. Avarya packs all this  ...

Price : Rs. 310.00