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Relieve the memories of freshly baked biscuits at your grandmother's home as you bite into Avarya's biscuits. Deliciously crumbly with each bite, each pack is abundant with wholesome goodness. Not only will it delight your kids, even the grown-ups will not be able to resist munching on these baked treats!

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Kaju Biscuits - Cashew Biscuit
Experience the goodness of real cashews when you bite into these flavour-rich cookies. With chunks of cashews  ...

Price : Rs. 85.00
Ajwain Biscuit - Carom Seeds Biscuit
Try our Ajwain Biscuits and make your tea-time more refreshing. Rich in flavour and filled with the tastiness  ...

Price : Rs. 75.00
Jeera Biscuit - Cumin Biscuit
The great taste of a simple biscuits when accentuated with a sprinkling of cumin seeds gives you these  ...

Price : Rs. 80.00