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Finish your meals on a tasteful note with Avarya's digestive mouth fresheners. They not only help break down the food in your stomach but also leave you with sweet-smelling breath. Experience a burst of flavours with every bite and a boost of health as well.

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Dried Ginger Amla - Dry Ginger Awla
Dried gooseberries are known to be equally healthy as much as they are tasty. This unusual mixture of dried  ...

Price : Rs. 200.00
Harde - Digestive Harad
Made with simple ingredients, this Digestive Harde by Avarya is packed with flavours which give your mouth  ...

Price : Rs. 45.00
Digestive Mix Mukhwas - Pachak Mixture
After a heavy and scrumptious meal, aid your digestion with this delicious and refreshing homemade digestive  ...

Price : Rs. 90.00
Mitha Awla - Meetha Amla
Gooseberries are a rich source of antioxidants and iron. These Mitha Awlas by Avarya are a delicious and  ...

Price : Rs. 120.00
Dhana Dal - Dhanadal
Avarya helps you fight bad breath with our fancy Dhana Dal. This mouth freshener will aid digestion,  ...

Price : Rs. 100.00
Churi Variyali - Churi Variyali Mix
With a flavourful mixture of differently-coloured fennel seeds and sweeteners, the Churi Variyali Mukhwas is  ...

Price : Rs. 90.00
Lucknowi Variyali - Lucknowi Sauf Mix
Made of special Lucknowi fennel seeds, the Lucknowi Variyali is one of the most sought-after mouth fresheners  ...

Price : Rs. 95.00
Fennel Sweet - Sweet Fennel Seed
Savour the mildly sweet taste of fennel seeds while having these after any meal. Our sugar-coated Fennel  ...

Price : Rs. 85.00
Pachak Mukhwas - Digestive Mixture
Avarya brings you pachak mukhwas which is sweet and salty in taste. A favourite among mukhwas lovers, this  ...

Price : Rs. 105.00