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Make every season a festive one with a mouthful of Avarya's delectable ladoos. Replete with freshly sourced ingredients, this perfectly round mithai is a must-have treat. Serve up a plate of these appetising Indian sweets to welcome your guests or to celebrate with your family.

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Churma Ladoo - Choorma Laddu
Churma ladoos are made from wheat flour, assorted nuts, spices all cocooned in ghee. Avarya brings you a  ...

Price : Rs. 160.00
Besan Ladoo - Desi Besan Laddu
Besan ladoos or ladoos made from gram flour are an Indian household staple. Avarya offers you the finest  ...

Price : Rs. 145.00
Moong Dal Ladoo - Moongdal Laddu
Moong dal is a power house of proteins and ideal for those who wish to shed extra kilos. Avarya brings you  ...

Price : Rs. 170.00
Protein Rich Green Moong Dal Ladoo - Protein Rich Laddu
Moong dal ladoos are a powerhouse of protein and minerals. Green and healthy, you will find that you will  ...

Price : Rs. 140.00
Gond Giri Ladoo - Gondh Giri Laddu
Gond giri ladoos are made from wheat flour, sugar, spices, and enshrouded in edible gum. An exquisite delight  ...

Price : Rs. 180.00
Methi Ladoo - Methi Laddu
Methi ladoos are healthy and filling. Sweet, with a pungent aftertaste, get yours from Avarya today.

Price : Rs. 130.00
Dink Ladoo - Gondh Laddu
Dink ladoos are made from an assortment of nuts, poppy seeds, jaggery and sugar. Dink is the edible glue that  ...

Price : Rs. 145.00